Ten Best Sides to Go With Burgers

Ten Best Sides to go With Burgers

What do you serve with your burgers? Ordering a burger is an easy choice but the challenge often comes in choosing the best side to accompany a juicy burger. How many of you know this challenge?

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The Perfect Burger

The Perfect Burger- Freshly Made vs Store Bought

There are many great advantages to enjoying burgers made fresh in the kitchen and as opposed to buying from an establishment that uses frozen or pre-cooked burgers;

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  • BURGER - Originals


  • SNACK - Wings BBQ Maple Blue Cheese

    Wings BBQ Maple Blue Cheese

    Hormone free, free range chicken, OG’s spice, house made BBQ sauce, OG’s house dressing

  • BURGER - Chicken


  • SNACK - Loaded Fries

    Loaded Fries

    super crunch fries, shallots, bacon bits, American cheese, gravy, & OG’s house dressing

  • BURGER - Chilli Burger

    Original Burger Chilli Burger

    Free-range grass fed beef, cheese, pickles, tomato, onion, lettuce, tomato sauce, mustard and OG’s house dressing

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