The Perfect Burger

The Perfect Burger- Freshly Made vs Store Bought

There are many great advantages to enjoying burgers made fresh in the kitchen and as opposed to buying from an establishment that uses frozen or pre-cooked burgers; the main benefit of preparing burger meat and making it as you need it rather than beorehand is control. Control when it comes to burgers is basically summarized in the following key areas:


When someone takes the time to grind their own meat and make their burgers fresh to order, the first area they have control over is the very composition of the burgers. There are so many things someone can control that effect the very way your burger is put together. Freshly prepared burgers allow someone to choose the best cuts and make custom blends of the best beef cuts to create your perfect burger. The focus can be on more flavorful cut or healthier cuts that have less fat and someone can even blend cut types to generate unique blends and flavors. Also the way an establishment chooses to grind and prepare their beef can also affect how fine or coarse the overall texture is. There is also the added benefit of being able to customize burger compositions to meet the unique and varied likes and preferences of customers with picky taste or certain health and diet restrictions.


Grinding beef freshly at the restaurant is a great way to control freshness, as is making the burgers fresh to order instead of buying ones that have been pre-made and that have been sitting around for who knows how long. Fresh made to order burgers are just that- fresh and they are also safer because there is less chance for contamination. Oxidation also happens much faster after grinding so waiting until it is time to make the burgers and cook them also help ensure they are as fresh as they can be! This is why it's generally recommended to cook ground beef to a higher internal temperature than a steak would be cooked- but if you are going to prepare your burgers freshly in your restaurant you could probably get away with a little pink in the burger if that is a customer's preference- something you can never do with pre-made store burgers!


If clients visiting your restaurant are watching their weight or have other dietary needs to consider then opting for fresh made burgers as opposed to sore bought burgers is the best option to go with. The options to choose from lower fat content and leaner cuts makes freshly made burgers a healthier choice than most store bought pre-made burger options. An additional health benefit is the option to add the spices and additives that are desired and none of the bad additives like preservatives and food coloring. The cooking options can also make fresh burgers healthier because the excess fats can be drained off and it is easier to control the cooking temperature, the doneness of the meat, and the overall final product when working wish fresh beef and made to order burgers. This is just another way the control fresh burgers gives you is a healthier way to go.

The debate between store bought or freshly made burgers has been going on for years. Sometimes it is a matter of ease and convenience and in these cases sore bought burgers are good and serve to meet a need. But when customers demand and expect the very best in flavor, health, and value then there is no other way to go other than fresh burgers! What are some of your favorite burger creations that you have made at your restaurant? Share them with us and tell us which you prefer to serve and why!

  • BURGER - Double Cheese

    Double cheese burger

    Free-range grass fed double beef, double cheese, double pickles, tomato sauce and mustard

  • SNACK	Wings - BBQ Maple Blue Cheese

    BBQ Maple Wings

    Hormone free, free range chicken, OG's spice, house made bbq sauce, OG's house dressing

  • SNACK - Cheesy Fries

    Cheesy Fries

    super crunch fries, house salt, American cheese sauce

  • SNACK - Loaded Fries

    Loaded ORIGINALS Fries

    super crunch fries, shallots, bacon bits, American cheese, gravy, & OG's house dressing

  • SNACK - Wings HOT Celery

    OG's Hot Wings

    Hormone free, free range chicken, OG's hot sauce, celery, OG's blue cheese sauce

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