Ten Best Sides to Go With Burgers

Ten Best Sides to go With Burgers

What do you serve with your burgers? Ordering a burger is an easy choice but the challenge often comes in choosing the best side to accompany a juicy burger. How many of you know this challenge? Whether you are the restaurant owner trying to decide what options to add to the menu or you are a customer looking for a tasty combination to try, the choices can be overwhelming at times. Which are the best? What goes good with made to order burgers? How do you choose? Well here are ten great sides you should consider adding to your menu and if you are visiting a great burger establishment, look for one of these classics listed on the menu:

  • Cheesy Fries- Dress up those boring fries with some cheesy goodness and go crazy! With a variety of cheese varieties to choose form in most cases that is just the start. Bacon bits, sour cream, chives, peppers, chili, onions, jalapenos, and spicy mustard are popular finishers to go on your cheesy fries plate that many places offer for an extreme burger side that will have everyone talking.
  • Chicken Wings- The king of side dishes, chicken wings are a sure win at any establishment serving delicious burgers! Variety is the spice of life and there is plenty of opportunity for that with this traditional side. Form mild to hot to flaming goodness, you can customize the wing options you serve and offer something for everyone. Include dipping sauces or glaze your wings before cooking and let everyone have exactly what they are craving to go with their burgers.
  • Baked Beans- Simple yet oh so delicious there is a lot that can be done with baked beans and they just seem to be made to go with a thick and juicy burger hot off the grill! Spice them up or stick with the tried and true basics, you cannot go wrong with offering beans as a side dish at your restaurant or pub. Baked beans are a great side to complete the perfect burger plate.
  • Mac and Cheese- Good ole comfort food at its finest, many people love a big helping of mac and cheese and it is a great side dish to go with your fresh made to order burgers. Easy to make and perfect to serve as a quick yet yummy side, this dish touches the inner child of everyone and satisfies any craving for good ole comfort food. Chances are you already offer it or have been thinking about adding it to the menu so add it to the choice of sides for your burger plates!
  • Chili- don't hold back if you go with this tantalizing side dish. Create your own chili pot masterpiece and share your creation with all of your hungry guests. Stay safe with some plain meat and bean chili or walk on the wild side with a ten alarm spicy chili that would make even a grown man cry. Whatever your fancy, show the world what you have and cook up a pot of chili for your perfect burger side.
  • Potato Skins – Finger foods rock at any bar, pub, or restaurant catering to the burger-loving crowd, and one of the most popular finger foods to go with burgers are potato skins! Crunchy, yummy, and easy to make, these are perfect side dish to put out on the table, right next to all those delicious burgers your customers just ordered. Top them and fill them any way they want and you have an instant hit!
  • Chips and Dip- Simple but a guaranteed crowd pleaser, everyone loves some good chips and dip. Provide a variety of chips and dips and salsa and keep everyone happy. Make your own specialty sauce that you can become known for or stick to the traditional dip s that everyone loves. Add your own unique flare to this simple yet wonderful side dish and have everyone talking bout the amazing meal you prepared for them at your establishment!
  • Beer- No drink better accompanies a thick, meaty, juicy man burger than man's favorite drink- beer! Regardless of they types you offer, make sure there is a selection and you are sure to keep your thirst guests satisfied. Keep your cooler well stocked to keep the supply going for as long as your customers are thirsty.
  • Milkshakes- If you are feeling creative and want to get a little fancy with your drink offerings, then you many want to consider a tasty end to the meal with milkshakes. Customize the orders with fruits, candy, chocolate or even a splash of your favorite mixed drink or liquor for a wonderful end to the party night events at your establishment!
  • Chocolate Brownies- Dessert is last, because you always serve the best for last. End the night on a decadent sweet note with some delicious chocolate fudge brownies. Everyone will be singing your praises and they slip off into a wonderful food coma.

These are some of our favorite side dishes we like to serve up when we are firing up the grill and making burgers. What are some of the most popular sides you have ever seen on the menu? Share them with us and let us know what your favorites are!

  • BURGER - Double Cheese

    Double cheese burger

    Free-range grass fed double beef, double cheese, double pickles, tomato sauce and mustard

  • SNACK	Wings - BBQ Maple Blue Cheese

    BBQ Maple Wings

    Hormone free, free range chicken, OG's spice, house made bbq sauce, OG's house dressing

  • SNACK - Cheesy Fries

    Cheesy Fries

    super crunch fries, house salt, American cheese sauce

  • SNACK - Loaded Fries

    Loaded ORIGINALS Fries

    super crunch fries, shallots, bacon bits, American cheese, gravy, & OG's house dressing

  • SNACK - Wings HOT Celery

    OG's Hot Wings

    Hormone free, free range chicken, OG's hot sauce, celery, OG's blue cheese sauce

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