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The Story

Take one of Sydney's finest chefs, add one self-proclaimed food connoisseur, fold in one successful entrepreneur, shake well & serve. Garnished with a few finishing pints for luck.

The result “ORIGINALS Burger Co.” Original, authentic, and awesome burger recipes that are both mouth-watering and wonderfully messy. The likes of which the Northern Beaches is (was) unconscionably lacking.


ThA Smokin’ Dogg | OBC MILK BUN | Hi-Melt Liquid Cheese | Chilli Cheese Kransky
House-Made Chilli Con Carne | Pickled Jalapeños | Fried Onions | Mustard | TWISTIES



  • B&E Roll

    Maple Bacon, free range egg, American cheddar, house made BBQ sauce & OBC’s sauce on a soft milk bun. Available all day.
  • Originals Burger

    Free-range grass fed beef, cheese, pickles, tomato, onion, lettuce, tomato sauce, mustard and OBC’s house dressing
  • Chicken Burger

    Buttermilk fried chicken, bacon, cheese, house made bbq sauce and OBC’s blue cheese sauce
  • Chilli Burger

    Free-range grass fed beef, cheese, pickles, house made hot sauce, pickled jalapeno
  • Cheeseburger

    Free-range grass fed beef, cheese, pickles, tomato sauce and mustard
  • Double Cheeseburger

    Free-range grass fed double beef, double cheese, double pickles, tomato sauce and mustard
  • Veggie Burger

    Tofu tempeh patty, cheese, house made slaw, peanut butter, house made sweet chill
  • Monthly Guest Burger

    Rotating Monthly GUEST BURGER (Special)


  • BBQ Maple Wings 4 Pack

  • BBQ Maple Wings 8 Pack

    Hormone free, free range chicken, OBC’s spice, house made bbq sauce, OBC’s house dressing
  • OBC’s Hot Wings 4 Pack

  • OBC’s Hot Wings 8 Pack

    Hormone free, free range chicken, OBC’s hot sauce, celery, OBC’s blue cheese sauce
  • Regular Fries

    Super crunch fries, house salt
  • Cheesy Fries

    Super crunch fries, house salt, American cheese sauce
  • Loaded ORIGINALS fries

    Super crunch fries, shallots, bacon bits, American cheese, gravy, & OBC’s house dressing
  • Hash Brown



  • Tradies Lunch Box

    Cheeseburger, 4 maple BBQ wings, fries
  • Kids Box

    Kids burger (grass fed beef, tomato sauce, milk bun) with fries & popper box (12yrs & under)
  • Combo 1

    $Save 1.10
    Any Burger, a 330ml Soft Drink
  • Combo 2

    $Save 3.10
    Any Burger, a 330ml Soft Drink and Regular Fries

Beer & Cider

  • 4 Pines Pale Ale

  • Somersby Cider

  • Dave's Golden Ale

  • Brookvale Union Ginger Beer


What they're saying about us

“If you like yours big, messy, salty, dripping with cheese and falling out of the bun, then you’re going to love them.”

The Daily Telegraph

Beverly Hudec | Food Review

Originals Burger Co.

Beverly Hudec | Food Review

The Daily Telegraph

“Later risers like me would do well to make his ‘after eleven’ “burgy burgs” a permanent pit stop on the way to the Northern Beaches.”

Miss Dissent

Miss Dissent | Food Review

Originals Burger Co.

Miss Dissent | Food Review

Miss Dissent

“If you’re in the area, I’d recommend hitting them up.”

For Foods Sake

Bianca | Food review

Originals Burger Co.

Bianca | Food review

For Foods Sake

“Originals Burger Co claims the stakes for best burger joint on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.”

Spooning Australia

Josh Franco | Food Critic

Originals Burger Co.

Josh Franco | Food Critic

Spooning Australia

The Spot

Originals is, 'Original' through and through
The authentic Northern Beaches Burger Experience


Feeling like a cozy Saturday Night in? Why not give our mates Ubereats a shout and get some burger goodness delivered straight to the couch!

Flavour & Freshness you'd Expect

We source only 100% Australian grass-fed, free range beef for our patties. That's the best kind to sear in rich, indulgent flavours.


we source only 100% Australian grass-fed, free range beef for our patties. That's the best kind to sear in rich, indulgent flavours, for the tastiest burgers this side of the other side of our restaurant. The exact formula for each patty combines several high-quality cuts of beef and is a closely guarded secret – you can't make us tell.

Our Meat & Poultry

We believe our meat & poultry is a window into the soul of our business, and that's why we searched the country for only the best!


Our chicken is, in a word, amazing. Some say only the tastiest chickens volunteer to come to our kitchen, eager & serene in the desire to lay down their lives for the singular honour of being served at Originals. All we'll say is that they come from one of Australia's highest quality vendors, with the outstanding flavour and freshness you'd expect.

tasty Milkshakes

We offer a range of decadent milkshakes
The perfect accompaniment to your burger to truly satisfy your taste buds.

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12pm - 3pm

* UBEREATS available 6 days a week

CALL: +61 2 9939 6817


34 Winbourne Road, Brookvale, Sydney

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