Welcome to originals burger co.

Like most good stories, ours begins over pints shared on a loooong night out. Unlike perhaps any story in Australia's illustrious history, it also involves two friends from Manly and one friend from Bondi, somehow able to set aside their obvious differences and so work together to bring peace, harmony and authentically delicious burgers to Brookvale.

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Welcome to Originals Burger Co.
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Our Story

Like a lot of good stories, ours begins over pints shared on a loooong night out. What is unique this story is that it involves three friends on opposite sides of the harbour bridge from two of Sydney’s most iconic beach suburbs. Two lads from Manly and one lad from Bondi decided to put aside the traditional northern beaches versus eastern suburbs rivalries and work together to bring peace, harmony and authentically delicious burgers to Brookvale.

Maybe it was the unique alchemy of the friendship that helped create the partnership and their business concept. Take one of Sydney's finest chefs, add one self-proclaimed food connoisseur, fold in one successful entrepreneur, shake well & serve. Garnished with a few finishing pints for luck.

The result “ORIGINALS Burger Co.” Original, authentic, and awesome burger recipes that are both mouth-watering and wonderfully messy. The likes of which the Northern Beaches is (was) unconscionably lacking.

Also, getting Bondi and Manly on the same team is original, so there's that also...!

Our Chef

Our Chef

Josh discovered cooking very early in life and had his unofficial start from a young age, cooking with his Mum and learning of her secret preparation and presentation techniques. He got his official start in some of Sydney's most familiar names, including Martin Place Bar, Sugar Mill, Corner House, and Panama House. Then opened his own venue, the beloved Neighbourhood at Bondi. That was followed by Henrietta, in Darlinghurst.

These venues allowed Josh to explore and evolve what would become both a passion and his speciality: burgerswhere he pursued (and gorged himself on) some of the world's finest burgers.

Josh has pulled all this together and landed it in Brookvale with the opportunity for the people of the Northern Beaches to share every delightful flavour, intriguing sauce, and authentically juicy recipe. ORIGINALS Burger Co. is the culmination of years of Josh’s practical experience and research that enables him to bring this American Australian style burger joint to life. Don't be shy, step right up.

We at ORIGINALS Burger Co. believe there's nothing better than biting into a juicy beef burger like one of our double stacked cheeseburgers with bacon and then having to lick your fingers to mop up the succulent drippings of the awesome house made sauces.

I guess that’s why Josh also thought it was a good idea to have a sink at the entrance/exit of the venue so you can clean up after the wonderfully decadent eating experience at ORIGINALS Burger Co.

Our Meat & Poultry

Our Meat & Poultry

Let's begin with our beef: we source only 100% Australian grass-fed, free range beef for our patties. That's the best kind to sear in rich, indulgent flavours, for the tastiest burgers this side of the other side of our restaurant. The exact formula for each patty combines several high-quality cuts of beef and is a closely guarded secret – you can't make us tell.

Our chicken is, in a word, amazing. Some say only the tastiest chickens volunteer to come to our kitchen, eager & serene in the desire to lay down their lives for the singular honour of being served at Originals. All we'll say is that they come from one of Australia's highest quality vendors, with the outstanding flavour and freshness you'd expect.

We believe our meat & poultry is a window into the soul of our business, and that's why we searched the country for only the best!

Our Coffee

Our Coffee

We have teamed up with the fine people at Gabriel Coffee to give our customers the ultimate coffee experience.

It is no secret Gabriel coffee ships out some of the finest coffee beans going around and ORIGINALS Burger Co is honoured to be able to work with.

  • BURGER - Originals


    Free-range grass fed beef, cheese, pickles, tomato, onion, lettuce, tomato sauce, mustard and OG’s house dressing

  • SNACK - Wings BBQ Maple Blue Cheese

    Wings BBQ Maple Blue Cheese

    Hormone free, free range chicken, OG’s spice, house made BBQ sauce, OG’s house dressing

  • BURGER - Chicken


    Buttermilk fried chicken, bacon, cheese, house made BBQ sauce and OG’s blue cheese sauce

  • SNACK - Loaded Fries

    Loaded Fries

    super crunch fries, shallots, bacon bits, American cheese, gravy, & OG’s house dressing

  • BURGER - Chilli Burger

    Original Burger Chilli Burger

    Free-range grass fed beef, cheese, pickles, tomato, onion, lettuce, tomato sauce, mustard and OG’s house dressing

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